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Management Team and Key Personnel

Douglas Eldridge, Owner
Douglas Eldridge took ownership of the family ran Eldridge Bid Reporter April 2004. Douglas has worked in some capacity for the Eldridge Bid Reporter for the better part of his 46 years. As a family member and employee he has had immense exposure to the constantly evolving procurement practices in the State of California. Douglas currently sits on the Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Small Business Council and is currently a member/officer for the Coalition of Small and Disabled Veteran Businesses. Douglas has worked with companies, both, small and large to develop strategies to sell to government in California and has extensive experience and knowledge regarding State & Federal procurement programs and practices. Douglas's knowledge regarding Minority (MBE), Women (WBE), Disabled Veteran (DVBE), Disadvantaged (DBE) programs is unsurpassed and he takes pride in his many successes with partnering prime bidders with underutilized businesses represented in these types of programs nationwide.

Ric Ivanisevich
Ric has been with Eldridge Bid Reporter since January 2009. Ric oversees both the Sub-bid Advertisement, as well as, Bid Research & Bid Attendance Departments. Ric's drive to provide timely & efficient customer service has made him a valuable asset.

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Douglas Eldridge
Ric Ivanisevich


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